FAQ's Courier services - all you need to know about courier

Is the service a door to door service?

Yes the service quoted is always a door to door service. Please note that we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes or Private Bags. There may also be surcharges for shipments from / to:- If a surcharge is applicable, it will be indicated with the final confirmation of your order.

Farms / Plots

Embassies or COnsulates


Game Reserves

Mines / Power Stations

Chain Stores


Do ICExpress offer cost effective services?

ICExpress is a proudly South African owner managed business, hence the passion to constantly pass on cost savings for our customers.

Why should I consider using ICExpress as my  Courier partner?

ICExpress manages the shipment in its entirety ensuring constant updates to our clients.

When are Customs Duties payable?

Customs Duties are payable on imports and exports.

We would like to begin exporting products to different countries

We are able to help you through the entire process, ensuring all documentation is in order and all customs procedures are followed. We remove the hassles for you. International Live Courier Calculator - Going live in Mid July 2014

What are the main courier services for shipping?

ICExpress has two different services namely International and Domestic Shipments. There are different types of service options within each which will have a bearing on the cost and speed of the delivery.

How long will it take for my package to be shipped?

  • This depends on the service marked. This depends on the type of shipment and the service option selected.

What weight is actually charged for my shipment?

The greater of weight or volumetric weight will be used to determine the chargeable weight.
 Volumetric is charged at the following formula
Length X Breadth X Height / 5000.

How much will my shipment cost?

The cost relating to a shipment is based on the following criteria:

  • International or Domestics
  • If International, and based on the billable weight per kilogram, per International Zone. Each country is zoned for ease of calculation
  • If Domestics, based on the service option, area of delivery and based on the chargeable weight per kilogram
  • If an extra service is selected, e.g. after hour collection/Saturday delivery/EarlyBird is marked, a surcharge will be added to the cost.
  • A variable fuel surcharge will be levied on the freight charge for every shipment and this surcharge is reviewed monthly

Is a Next Day service always delivered the next day?

Next day deliveries will be delivered next day to all our Regional hubs and if the distribution pattern is delivering to a far outlying area, that next day parcel will be delivered that day.
In all probability, your parcel will be delivered the next day throughout South Africa.

When is a delivery or collection classified as ‘After Hours’?

A delivery or collection is classified as after hours and will attract an after hours surcharge if it is affected between 17:30 and 07:30 on working days or over weekends between 13h00 on Saturday.
A public holiday is also regarded as after hours.

How much advance notice is required for a casual collection

Preferably two hours notice if you are situated in the outlying areas of a main town. One hour notice if you are in the local CBD.

How much advance notice is required for a scheduled collection?

24 hours to set up the process for a daily scheduled collection

How do I schedule a collection of my package?

If you have an account, you can mail our logistics Client support Desk @ admin@ic-express.co.za, or ICExpress - Book a Collection or call our helpful logistics team on 031- 0300 300.

If you are not an account holder, you have to place a booking online with our Live Quote Calculator, select a service and checkout. Confirmation email will be sent to you.

What times are the control hubs  open?

Control hubs are open from 08:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

I do not have my waybill number, is it possible to track my shipment?

No, you cannot search if you do not have a waybill number. We will however try and trace it for you manually if you call our CSD.

Can I track my shipment?

ICExpress - Track your Shipment

How do I report a loss/damage claim for an ICExpress  shipment that failed to arrive, or was damaged?

  • In terms of our standard terms and conditions, goods are moved at owners risk unless Insurance is requested
  • To report a loss/damage, it must be send to accounts@ic-express.co.za Can I insure my shipment?

Does ICExpress charge for Copy PODs?

No, a copy POD will be mailed or faxed through to you on request.

What different payment options do I have?

Credit card - Secure via Virtual Card Services www.vcs.co.za , Instant EFT via Payfast or Bank Transfer. A contractual agreement for 30 days on account can be made, for qualified businesses.

How do I open an account?

By emailing accounts@ic-express.co.za and requesting a Customer application.

Are there different charges for an International Documents as opposed to an International Parcel?

  • International Documents – the customs clearance process for export and import are much quicker and as there is no commercial value attached – no payments are required to be made to Customs.
  • International Parcels – There is a formal clearance that is required which could take up to 24 to 48 hours to be processed with Customs, as these parcel attract duties or have a commercial value, the process is subject to more rigorous formalities at Customs and may often be inspected..

What documentation is required for International Shipments?

For goods exiting South Africa, the following documentation table will help:


Commercial Invoice

ProForma Invoice

F178 Form

NEP Form

CCA1 Form


On Paper with official Company markings for goods BEING SOLD

On Paper with official Company markings for goods NOT FOR RESALE

Original to be stamped by Exporters bank

Original to be stamped by Exporters bank


African Countries Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland

Required + Tax Invoice

Required + Tax Invoice

Goods for resale over         R 50000-00

Goods not for resale over R50000-00

Required to be completed in full

Rest of the World

Original plus copies required

Original plus copies required

Goods for resale over         R 50000-00

Goods not for resale over R50000-00

Not applicable


What is regarded as dangerous/hazardous goods?

Any goods that require a Dangerous Goods Declaration in respect of air travel which is not permitted on an airline in terms of Civil Aviation Authorities and if needs to be flown, requires specialized packaging.

The most common types of hidden Dangerous Goods are:

  • Automobile Parts (as they may contain old oil or ferro-magnetic material)
  • Camping equipment (as they may contain lighters or lighter-fuel, canisters of flammable gases, matches etc.)
  • Diagnostic specimens (as they may contain infectious substances or be on ‘dry’ ice)
  • Magnets or magnetic materials (as they may affects navigation equipment of aircraft)
  • Household goods (that may contain aerosol cans, or toxic substances)

Dangerous Goods are also flammable materials, batteries, detergents, corrosive agents, aerosol cans, paint, ammunition, explosives and all fertilisers.
ICExpress reserves the right to inspect all consignments suspected of containing any of the above-mentioned items. It should be noted that failure to comply with the above instructions may lead to confiscation of the shipment as well as legal proceedings.

Are there items which are not accepted for shipment?

Yes – no liquids, dangerous or hazardous goods accepted!

Are there special limits on weight or quantity?

The maximum weight is 30 kilograms per parcel which is an international requirement

What is the maximum size of package I can send?

The maximum size of a parcel is 50 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm.

I am responsible for packing my shipment. What do I have to do?

You are responsible for packing and sealing the parcel. ICExpress supplies courier Flybags free of charge for ease of sealing. Please request bags from your account executive.

Do I receive a signed POD back with my account?

POD are only sent on request.

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