Courier Packaging guidelines

The best way of shipping boxes or packages is to try and use the original manufacturers packaging, but this is not always possible.

Following are some of guidelines to use.

Recommended Packaging Materials:-

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Polysterene surrounds / Ends
  • Strong Outer Cardboard box
  • Polystyrene chips


Packing the Shipment:-

  • Place polystyrene blocks or chips in the box and surround the items with them so that they are unable to move.
  • Ensure all items are adequately protected with sufficient bubble plastic wrapping
  • Make sure there are no air gaps and shake the box before filling with polystyrene chips
  • Once all items are secure and cannot move within the box, seal the box with multiple layers of approved packaging tape
  • Label the Package as per our labelling guidelines.



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