Dangerous Goods & Lithium Batteries courier information

Any goods that require a Dangerous Goods Declaration in respect of air travel which is not permitted on an airline in terms of Civil Aviation Authorities and if needs to be flown, requires specialized packaging.

The most common types of hidden Dangerous Goods are:

  • Automobile Parts (may contain old oil or ferro-magnetic material)
  • Camping equipment (may contain lighters or lighter-fuel, canisters of flammable gases, matches etc.)
  • Diagnostic specimens (may contain infectious substances or be on ‘dry’ ice)
  • Magnets or magnetic materials (affects navigation equipment of aircraft)
  • Household goods (may contain aerosol cans, or toxic substances)

Dangerous Goods are also flammable materials, batteries, detergents, corrosive agents, aerosol cans, paint, ammunition, explosives and fertiliser.
ICExpress reserves the right to inspect any and all consignments suspected of containing any of the above-mentioned items. It should be noted that failure to comply with the above instructions may lead to confiscation of the shipment as may lead to legal proceedings.

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